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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Paralegal Online Certification course

Paralegal Online Certification course



This Paralegal course is a self-paced, online course with the chief goal of providing students with the legal knowledge and practical skills essential to becoming proficient, ethical paralegals. Individuals are prepared for working under the supervision of an attorney performing a broad variety of legal tasks. Students will learn about the paralegal profession, present and future. Other areas covered will include a formal introduction to law and the history of American law, the court system, and substantive law. Legal terminology and skills involving civil litigation and legal analysis and writing will help prepare the student for the challenge of today’s paralegal.
Students will become familiar with the up-and-coming computer programs and software as they relate to the law office, as well as an introduction to computer-assisted legal research. This course will provide a solid foundation for the successful future paralegal/legal assistant.


At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify various legal specialties, their purpose, their terms, and specific details, including:
    • Describe bankruptcy law.
    • Summarize business law.
    • Define and understand contract law.
    • Explain corporate law.
    • Define and understand criminal law.
    • Discuss family law.
    • Summarize issues relating to estate planning, estates, and guardianships.
    • Define real estate.
    • Explain torts and tortfeasors.
    • Conduct interviews



Introduction to the Paralegal Profession
Law office structure and operations
History and Basis of U.S. Law
Court Structure and System
Civil Litigation
Grammar in a legal environment
Research and Citation
Analysis and Legal Writing
Business Law
Contract Law
Corporate Law
Criminal Law
Family Law
Estate Planning
Real Estate
Torts and Tortfeasors
Preparing and conducting interviews


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You will be required to achieve a 70% or higher. After successful completion of each quiz, you will be able to review the quiz questions and your answers. You will be allowed 5 attempts at each quiz.


You will be required to achieve a 70% or higher. You will be allowed 5 attempts to complete the final.

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